Caroline (xbedtimebearx) wrote in random_lunacy,

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theres a pez on the floor.

hey i just joined because. im very random and its sad at times. my name is caroline.. i dont know what else to say so ill leave it at that for now.

random sentance:
" uh oh my religion says i cant live here anymore im moving to regina bye guys."

random act of the day:
i went into school today, stopped at my desk for english, put down my books, looked at zoe and said, " come all my holy children in celebration of life and the great...*weird looks from peers..* l o r....d.." then sat down.

random complaint:
when your nose is really itchy and you are doing somethign and you don't wanna stop and scratch it... pisses me off.

so this guy, had a hammer XD
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